Thursday, May 3, 2012

5-3-12 Warby Parker Time

Now that I have a fresh prescription and knew what to ask for at they eye doctor in terms of additional measurements for fitting frames, I decided to do the Warby Parker Try-On Home Program.

You get to select five different frame styles in the color of your choosing, depending on availability, that are shipped to you free, to try on, wear around, and generally see which one feels and looks the best on you before making your selection and sending them back.

Mine, of course, arrived on Monday, when I was entirely unable to even open the box. Yesterday, when I did get around to unwrapping everything, I found a very nice fabric box inside with each of my five picks.

And inside the fabric box was a card that read, "The next five days are about to get much better." And I thought, Lord, I sure hope so.

These are my current glasses, which I've had for at least ten years (sorry for the fuzziness).

So, time for an update. The question is, which ones sit on my nose without sliding, are comfortable around the ears, and look the best with my face shape. Surprising, I've found all five pair comfortable to wear, so I'm down to looks/style to make my decision. I know the larger frames have come around again, although thankfully not Sally Jesse Raphael large, but I'm not sure I can pull them off. One of the cool features of this company is that when I buy a pair, they will donate a pair to charity and all of their glasses are a flat $99. You pretty much can't beat that, since most insurance will reimburse you up to your annual glasses limit (ours is $130) once you've bought them.

Here are my choices:

In summer green, which is fun and playful, are the "Nedwin." Not too sure about the width on these, are they do reach too far across and get almost into a cat eye corner.

In midnight blue, the Reece, which honestly, combining a favorite color with something that reminds me of chocolate and peanut butter is pretty much a win/win scenario. These are not quite as wide across as the Nedwin and are very much like my reading glasses style, which I also like.

Slightly larger but not overwhelming are the "Leigh" in burgundy fade. I like the reddish brown since it highlights the blue of my eyes and the more I look at it, the more the size grows on me. 

The last two I chose were kind of just "what the heck" choices since I was limiting myself to the narrow bridge option to avoid the slide problem and there weren't as many styles in the narrow to medium bridge options. This is the "Zagg" in Tennessee Whiskey with a very retro treatment, fading into clear at the bottom. I think they're a little too heavy looking on me but they are kind of fun.

The biggest of the group, the "Wiloughby" in Tennessee Whiskey, with the same clear fade, are too big, but any pair of glasses that reminds me of a pretty good Twilight Zone episode (although spelled with two "ls") was worth a shot:

Ok, enough wandering. Here's the side by side you knew was coming:

What say you?


  1. Like the Reese (2nd) frames best. This is fun!