Saturday, May 5, 2012

5-5-12 The Avengers


That's the bottom line.

And this coming from a typically apathetic superhero movie goer. Oh, I go, every time, thanks to Bob's interest, but come away dissecting the plot and checking my watch during the extended fight scenes, etc.

So I went along gamely today, expecting more of the same. I'd seen both the Iron Man movies, Thor, Captain America, been entertained the most by Robert Downey, Jr, who always entertains me.

But, dang. Perhaps it was the lowered expectations, or the crazy antibiotics I'm trying to get out of my system, but this movie was so much better than I'd ever have anticipated. Joss Whedon, I liked you before, but I am a fangirl now.

The interplay between these characters was spot-on. I never looked at my watch once. The action, the design, the pacing, Chris Cornell and Alan Silvestri for the soundtrack? Just so much fun and so much more than the sum of its parts. And Mark Ruffalo (who is just so adorable anyway) steals the show again and again.

Stay through the credits, and not just the flash ones but the whole crawl. Avengers assemble,  shawarma after.


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