Sunday, May 20, 2012

5-20-12 Another lovely weekend

After the Saturday morning laziness during the rain, I set out for Manitou Springs for a girl's night with Deana. When I hit Castle Rock, I found myself in a complete dead stop on the highway. The Smart phone was able to show me the traffic map, with its solid black line directly where I was sitting, and the length of the standstill, but not why. And, true to form, it was another phantom traffic clog -- no broken down vehicle, no wreck, no cones or roadwork. We just all must have collectively decided to take a time out on the highway for 5 miles. And then we started again. During that 20 minutes, I did get to witness the existence of a bumper sticker I'd only seen online and never believed anyone would actually put on their car, but we were just starting to get going and I couldn't get a picture of it. Dear Mr. "Don't Re-Nig" anti-Obama dude: you make me weep for humanity. I also passed a bumper sticker with the Texas flag and the words "Mis-placed Texan" on it, with Colorado plates. I just shook my head.

Anyway, I managed to still stop in at Patsy's for a little white bag of non-pariels and get to Deana's only 20 minutes behind schedule. Amazingly, the rain had driven most of the day-tourists away and I scored the parking space right next to her house. By the time I got inside, it had started to hail again. 

We grabbed our umbrellas and enjoyed the walk down to the Loop for dinner. After dinner the rain had let up and everything was fresh and shiny in the evening dusk. 

Purple foxglove

The unknkown blue flower that was also not pictured in my Book of Blue Flowers (boo). It seems closest to blue ginger, but not with the white centers.

We also hit up the grand re-opening of a little shop that has just doubled its space and had live entertainment, wine, and cheese. All the alcoves in the shop were arranged by color. This was the purple corner, with purple grape lights that I now feel I must incorporate somewhere in my decor. They also had green ones!

Playing around in the red room...

The Strawberry Rhubarb Pie was awesome!
After some window shopping and a score of some new Tevas for me, we hung out at Swirl, the great little wine bar with seriously friendly staff and the most comfy chairs around and chatted with the owner, Sharon, for a bit.

We moseyed around Manitou, past the irises in the dark, on the way back to Deana's for movie night

Back at D's Boo showed off his bone chewing skills while D Jiffy-Popped over the fire while we started up our movie for the night.

D's rock collection on the porch.

A perfect first cup of coffee on the porch with a favorite book and some amazing cool breezes.

At Adams Mountain Cafe with their Orange Almond French Toast. Drool.

Raw brown sugar and the little pot of honey Pooh would have been delighted with on the table. 

Outside the cafe, waiting patiently...

Peonies and Poppies in bloom

Up in the gardens of Miramont Castle

Interesting orb of light caught from the morning sun.

And then it was back home to try Mother's Day, take two.

Nick, looking so much healthier than this time last week...

Bob at the grill

Tori at the griddle

Most everyone at the table... with the Mothers Day part 2 flowers

Lovely weekend, all around.


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