Sunday, July 22, 2012

7-22-12 The Pirate Boot Failure

Bob, Sam, and I are going to a Halloween party at Disneyland this October, all dressed as pirates. I've found a skirt, shirt, jackets, belts, necklace, all out of our own closets or for a few bucks at Goodwill over the past months. But new pirate boots kept calling to me.

Sigh. The pirate boots came yesterday. The boots I'd gone back to again and again, talked myself out of over and over, and yet, in the end, with Bob saying "Get them!" (yes, I'll blame it on him), there they sat on the front porch.

And here they are, out of focus, (blaming that on the camera) about to get wrapped and shipped back tomorrow.

The size was fine, in terms of feet. It was the calf that did me in. I've always had fat calves. (Mooooo) Even at 110 pounds, pulling on boots was a chore because they were always too tight at the calf. 

So, I should have known. 

They came in a kitty cat box:

And they almost went back with an extra.


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