Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I have got to get my alarm synched with the sunrise. A week in Houston, more than a week of rain, then snow, and I thought I was on target since I hit the dog park yesterday about the time the creep of color was peaking. But today, as I set foot out the door at 5:32, I was surprised to see this, already filling up the sky. Once you're to this point, you've got less than 10 minutes before it dissipates.   

by the time we were at the dog park, it was fading fast


This pair of sparrows has been trying on the porch for a nest the past week. They sit on top of our porch light and flit away whenever they hear the lock turn in the door. They make for the taller light pole on the street, one house down, and wait for the interlopers to get off their porch.

that's me on the porch and them on the lamppost wondering what's taking me so long to disappear

Once inside, I am usually greeted by all three cats upon return and today was no exception. It's the only time all three of them are together in one room and, even then, Fisher will not deign to eat on the same surface. Faith refuses any soft cat food, but she seems to think it's time to eat on the crunchy stuff while the other two dine. 


Katy's pot cookies arrived last night in the mail. She got her first one last night (with really witheringly sad stares from Evan who didn't understand why he wasn't getting one) and another this morning (when Evan was in another room). We'll know in about a week whether they're helping, as she should stop gnawing her paws bloody if they're blocking the pain sensations.



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