Monday, May 4, 2015

Pulling the Bike out of Mothballs

Mothballs might've been nicer. He's been jammed into a corner of the garage just collecting dust and cobwebs and I'm finally getting the pedals replaced so I can take him out on the trails again. 

I picked up this bad boy off of Craigslist the first month we lived in Colorado and have only sporadically and briefly toyed with him, but I'd like that to change. 

I also know very little about him, other than the kid that had him listed on Craiglist was an engineering student at the School of Mines and used him enough to give him all kinds of scrapes and paint wounds before he came to basically retire in my garage. I'd looked into Trek Singletrack enough to know the frame was built to take a beating and, knowing me, that's exactly the kind of bike I'd need in order for it to last. He was also a 16.5" and there just weren't a whole lot of smaller mountain bikes out there for $100 like this one. So I snapped him up and then proceeded to never give him any kind of workout.

He's in my front room this week until the pedals are installed (waiting on the right tool for the job now) so I started looking him over more closely. 

Once I had the serial number, it was pretty quick work to date him

Looks as though he was born the same year as Nick, in 1993.

Apparently he was $800 new, or closer to $1300 adjusted for inflation, so I'm pretty happy with the $100 price since these seem to be pretty hard to find and most bike enthusiasts seem to really love them

So, from that catalog, the description made me laugh. 
"Born to be aggressive with the personality to match..." Poor baby.
(You know he's a bruiser when even the catalog photo makes him look rough.)

Soon, tough guy. 


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