Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ali heads back to Texas

Last night was Ali's final evening in Denver, so we hit up NoNo's for dinner.

We were shocked to discover Ali had never heard of beignets!
We solved that problem immediately.


It was gorgeous today. Bright blue skies and big fluffy clouds. 

Sad to have to take Ali to the airport instead of to the mountains. 

I had to laugh when Sam and Jason returned from taken Evan on a walk and Sam gasped, "It's so hot." 

It was 66°.

We did get caught up in the traffic nightmare that was the Rocky Mountain Air Show, but apparently the time we spent trying to get around them was nothing compared to the poor folks who actually wanted to attend. Some folks were reporting they sat in traffic for three hours, missed the show, or were turned away from capacity parking. There were folks getting out of their cars, stuck in the right lane of attendees. As we were crawling along, we were reading discussions via the Waze app lamenting the poor planning. 

Then I managed to get Ali to the departures area, without thinking that, to park, we should've taken the arrivals signs. She was flying United, which departs from the West side of DIA, AKA, the side we never go to.

I dropped her and Nick off and made the circle again to get parked and meet them inside.

Once she got through security, we headed back to the specific weird painting that marked where I'd parked. Seriously. What is going on? First panel is all love and light and Peace on Earth . . .

and the next panel is THIS.

Welcome to Denver! 

In that vein, Nick snapped Blucifer on our way out. 

But really, who else gets this as a view coming back from the airport? 

(We stopped off at Goodwill on the way back.)

Miss you, Ali!


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