Saturday, May 9, 2015

Auto Awesomeness

I posted a year ago about discovering my Google photo account automatically detecting and adding effects to photos in my albums. 

Since Blogger is owned by Google, anything I add to my blogs shows up in the albums but I rarely check in there. Last night, I discovered that a few shots of home movies had been Auto Awesomed since I'd last looked, which gave me the idea to try to intentionally get a set that would be set into motion. 

Here's the results from an hour's work.

It only takes about five minutes between uploading and finding additional Auto-Awesomed photos added to the album, so any home movies that I intentionally save frame by frame should function this way.  It takes a bit to load through so they move more quickly and seamlessly than the first time you look at them.

(So now, instead of trying to grab a single shot, I need to do 10-12.)

Here is the one I found that set off this morning's experiment:

And a few others that had been added since I last checked: 

instead of motion, this one somehow came out of my dying little iPhone4 as a pretty nice Pano.)

On a rainy-turning-snowy weekend? Break out the Super8s.


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