Monday, May 4, 2015

May Morning

Probably not the best first Monday in May morning weather, with rain most of the night and heavy cloud cover this morning, but both I and Evan were desperate for some morning air together, no matter how humid.

As we rounded the curve to the open space, you could hear the usually dry creek humming with its tiny waterfall and, surprise! a duck paddling about. 

The cloud cover made for an unusually large eye in the sky.

And the earthworms were thick along the concrete. I'm not sure what's so attractive about the pavement, unless they are just trying to dry out, but we were stepping around them by twos and threes, some big fat guys and others tiny babies. And some twigs that wouldn't have minded had we trod on them, but it's rather hard to tell in the morning light.

Evan's face was soaked from his grass sniffing and eating,
 but we managed to stay away from the mud, so win/win.

Since I've been home, our evening treat time has also been met with more excitement. 
I had to video this adorable face last night.


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