Friday, May 1, 2015

Houston from the phone

the new "wings" hotel is now up and running



hello Bayou City

You'd have to make the photo larger, but there's an unmistakable orange and white striped roof of a Whataburger as we come in for a landing.

Night 1, with flash (I never turn this on because it looks like aliens are landing)

without aliens, but plenty of chips and dip!

Morning #1 and Lucy is in her spot on the couch by my side

Lunch, day 1

Breakfast for the Leader, day 2

Lunch at Brown Sugar's Day 2

Friday night PJs

Sunday drive down Sageville, in the shadow of the Beltway

The house that doesn't match


new stuff to go through

more new stuff

my work station

flying back home

the bright lights of Denver

Blucifer by night, with bumps

Sigh. Good to be back with lots more to share on the blog . .  provided I make sure its all backed up.

(Friday afternoon's rain made everything better.)


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