Friday, May 15, 2015


Good day! (and Happy Birthday Dad!)

And then my boy came home!

I made enchiladas, and Ali brought her grandpa's homemade wine, as in, he grows the grapes, the strawberries, and the peaches homemade! It was fantastic and we topped it off around the firepit while the puppies chased the ball and we tried to make sure they didn't set their tails on fire.


Nick had also received a package yesterday that was waiting for him, sent by Jay who is about to undertake what he calls project Super Soldier (ala Captain America) for Nick to get him chiseled.

Jay is our beloved friend who works for Walt Disney World that we try to meet up with every trip.

But what you can't see under that very nice sweater.... is this.


So, needless to say, Nick is ridiculously excited to have him creating workouts and diet plans for him to follow. 

Tomorrow: Colorado Springs for Dad's belated birthday cake and Ali's birthday (which is tomorrow)


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