Saturday, January 1, 2011


We ushered in the New Year by seeing off Bob and Nell as they headed back to Texas. The temps were still hovering below zero as we headed out for a farewell breakfast.

My fantastic kids are such troopers. They were both up to ring in the New Year and still cheerfully (well, as cheerfully as could possibly be expected) got up for an early breakfast. The hot chocolate with whipped cream might have helped.

But I did love the fact that we watched Nick put away three strawberry crepes with hash browns in his quest to bulk up for college football. Between weight lifting and consuming two protein shakes a day (1000 calories each) with an average of four big meals, he's put in just over five pounds in five days. He's stuck in a house where the other three members want to cut their calories at meals, so this coming New Year will be an interesting one.

As the New Year sets out, my own resolutions include finally shedding the last of the overweightness I've been lugging about and toning up. Luckily I haven't left the gym for too long and can still be enough of a regular to despair about how busy the gym will be for the next six weeks with all the other weight loss resolutionists.

And then there is this blog. Like most bloggers, I often find myself in lazy ruts and supposedly despairing at the long droughts of inspiration. But the reality is I find myself inspired by random and odd moments throughout every day. So, partly in order to remind myself of how amazing even the ordinary days really can be, and partly because I enjoy it, I am resolving to post something (and on some days it might truly be anything) once each day for the next 365 days.

Let the random inspiration begin!


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