Thursday, January 6, 2011

1-6-11 Acknowledgement

By now you have probably heard of Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, whose life was change literally overnight. If you haven't, here's the Columbia Dispatch's page that is collecting all of the amazing things going on with him.

Doral Chenoweth III, on the other hand, may not be a name you recognize.

He is the dispatch videographer who makes a living finding stories to tell.

I wanted to find a picture of Doral to include, but that proved a little more difficult. What you find when you search are pages and pages of picture credits to him, filled with other people whose stories he captures.

Doral, I salute you.

I think we might want to just add this to our life description as well: discovered people's stories and shared them with the world.

Doral could have just as easily chalked up Ted's "golden voice" sign as one more crazy panhandler and kept the door locked and eyes straight ahead at that red light.

Instead, he acknowledged the humanity standing feet away from him, had a flip camera, and said, "give me your best" to Ted, who shocked us all, just because another man gave him a chance.

Just one chance.

And Ted had stood at that Hudson Street and Hwy 71 ramp all winter long, huddling up in a tent just a little ways away at night, waiting, hoping for someone like Doral to come along.

My challenge is to become a little more like Doral today -- smile at people you don't know, say hello, ask them how they are. Chances are you'll get the obligatory "Fine, thank you" and nothing more.

But maybe not.

Maybe, you'll change someone's life.


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