Friday, January 28, 2011

1-28-11 eBay Buyer Protection Joke

Well, I haven't been enough of an eBayer in the past few years, or I've been too busy, or some other excuse, but I got took and luckily it was only for a few bucks.

Lesson learned: never buy from anyone overseas, regardless of feedback. Honestly, the reason this guy has so few negatives is probably because he strings everyone along just like he did us, with excuses about overseas shipping, and apologies for it never arriving, and promises he's shipping ANOTHER one, so by the time you give up on him, he's outside the feedback window, as well as eBay's joke of a buyer protection program.

They have my messages, the first one on Nov. 30, asking for a refund because I had paid on Nov. 6 and not received my item. I have other messages, pretty much every two weeks, and always with excuses and promises and, you know, it was a couple of bucks, so okay, fine, just get me the item.

I don't understand why I was even getting polite responses now, since a lot of them came well after the 45 day window, and still with the false promises . . .

Dear wakabacgame,

just checking, item paid for on Nov 6, now Nov. 29 and still no decal. Since you have "fast shipping" in a lot of your feedback, am worried it may have been lost? Please advise and thank you!


Hi,Thanks for question.

It takes 2-3 weeks by international airmail.
From Thailand.Please wait for few days


- wakabacgame

Dear wakabacgame,

I would like a refund please. I paid for my item on November 6, contacted you a month later, and was told to wait until the outside shipping date of December 9. It is now Dec. 13 and 6 weeks later, still no item.

Hello, thanks for the message.

I shipped your item to below address on Nov-09-10

Tori Mask
United States

I went to ask about your decal at post office Today.

Post office said that item may have been missing, so i reshipped your decals
again, I am so sorry for this issue.

If you don't get item in 2 weeks again , i will refund your money in full. 100% money back gurantee.

I used normal asia airmail, so don't have tracking number, but i will take care of you until you get my item.

if you have any question, please feel free to ask me anytime.
Again, i am so sorry.


- wakabacgame

Dear wakabacgame,

Please refund my money. I do not want to leave negative feedback, but I ordered this over two months ago. I don't know what the problem is, but it still has not arrived.

Dear camryn,

Hi,I am so sorry about this problem.

I really ship items.
It's from international.I will refund your money in full. 100% money back

- wakabacgame


Dear wakabacgame,

I have yet to receive a refund and it has been one week since you said you would refund my money. Please advise.

Thank you.
Dear camryn,

Sorry for this

I will refund money back for you within few days.

- wakabacgame

And yes, I was a sucker. Now I can't leave feedback and after working the ridiculous hoops of eBay's online "help" and having to call them and work another system of automated "helps", only to talk to someone who can only read a script and can't help because "it's been 45 days", I can spend even more time logging a complaint at just to have it lost in the bureaucratic system where it will doubtless get laughed at, or just figure all the other poor suckers who buy from this guy because he has good feedback will have to learn the hard way just like the rest of us.

And I'm pretty sure that's what they're counting on, low priced item, from Thailand, not licensed, and most people who can't be bothered to file pages and pages of "fraud" complaints.

Uh, not even worth it.

Caveat emptor and c'est la vie.


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