Sunday, January 2, 2011

1-2-11 Quiet Sunday

I can't quite put my finger on why this picture delights me so. It's some combination of Evan's bright eyes, perky ears, and Katy's profile combined with their powdered noses. It should be an album cover. Anyway, today was more playing in the snow as we haven't had temps get above freezing since Thursday.

The final day of winter break has been pretty quiet around the Mask house, with Bob heading out to Phoenix and Nick gone half the day at a friend's house, Sammi and I braved the Walmart return line and did the weekly shopping, taking extra long as we balanced calories, portions, and the distinct possibility we will be very sick of chicken dishes before the end of the month.

And while Nick settled in to watch the Broncos game, we got our hair did. Sammi actually went for a much shorter cut -- close to 6 inches were on the floor when it was all said and done and it looks fantastic, but she's making me wait until tomorrow to take a picture when it's "all fixed."
I love that she just printed off a picture, plopped in the chair, and let her hair dresser just cut away. The last time I saw Zeke, who did my hair from the age of 12-20, he was getting ready to retire and told me, in all his years, I was the only girl to ever show up with hair well past my shoulders only to tell him to chop it all off on the day of my senior prom. I'm not sure why is the a badge of honor, but it feels like one. I'm gratified to know my daughter is cultivating that same fearless streak.


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