Friday, January 14, 2011

1-14-11 Cashmere

I am, admittedly, a tad bit addicted to shopping resale. Do I smile and wave at the employees who recognize me in the Goodwill near my house? Maybe.

I might well be able to do a blog a day for a year on the fantastic treasures I've found, but the one I scored today might just be almost equal to my never-again-in-my-lifetime buy of the 100% cashmere coat I purchased in 2004 from a resale shop in Bryan for $10. That was the place Lynne and I shopped once a week after lunch until the manager was letting us go through stuff that hadn't even been put out yet.

Not only do I have a slight obsession with resale, I have a terrible weakness for cashmere. It's so light, so soft, and so warm. And so freakin expensive. But with a bit of tenacity I've managed to build up a nice collection of them for very little money. A lot of my shopping through the crammed Goodwill racks goes by feel, quickly touch each garment in turn, stop when you hit pay dirt.

Today, I hit pay dirt -- and in the dress rack, no less.

By the way, the boots and belt were other previous finds. Did I mention I love this store?

(Gobi is the only Mongolian-state-owned manufacturer of cashmere. )

Price? $8.00

Now I need to go back and search through the scarves, dangit. Good news, though: tomorrow is their 50% off sale, starting at 8:00. ;)


  1. 50% today at the Goodwill but alas, I couldn't make it! Last time I got MY bargain find of a White House/Black Market dress for $4!! Tori, you and I seriously need to go to the Goodwill in Aurora (14400 East Belleview Avenue, Aurora, CO). Even 5280 Magazine rated it as #1!!! I find brand new items--tags still on--every time I go there! It rocks :) ~Nanci Bliss-Kelley~