Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1-25-11 Ski-ticipation

I think my first exposure to skiing was watching Claudia Cardinale come gracefully down the slopes in the original Pink Panther.

But then, that is pretty much my entire exposure to skiing.

I know, I live in Colorado, how could I possibly not be a skiier? Then I met other people who have lived here their entire lives and never gone skiing, and felt a little less like a traitor to the state.

I've always wanted to go, but there never seemed to be a good opportunity.

Until now.

Thanks to Deanna, who is graciously answering all my questions and acting as my guide, we are heading to Breckenridge this Saturday.

I think I've got the gear figured out, bought the lift pass, and watched a number of "Skiing for Idiots" types of videos on how not to get killed.

Given my propensity for falling down and hurting myself, from the broken arm in first grade on the playground to the broken arm from falling down a mountainside on a horseback ride in sixth grade, to the severe concussion and post-traumatic vertigo I suffered for almost a year after my last outing with ice skating, I don't have the most stellar track record.

Here's hoping the bunny slopes can handle me.


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