Monday, January 17, 2011

1-17-11 Warby Parker

Thanks to Jeff for suggesting Warby Parker for glasses. I've got my contacts set for the year through the health insurance, but you only get to pick one: contacts or glasses, and my glasses are several years old. I was thinking I'd have to wait until next year to go after a fresh pair until I checked out the WP site.

Every pair is $95, avoiding the licensing and brick and mortar costs, and still retain the quality. And for every pair you buy, you're providing a pair donated through

Best: free shipping, free try-ons, free returns. You choose up to five different pairs, try them on at home, and ship the ones you don't want back within five days. I'd think it sounded too good to be true if Jeff hadn't already bought glasses from them and found them to be fantastic.

So now the hard part: choose which five to try. I threw a few in that I'm not too crazy about, just to mix it up. And for the evening, I'm soliciting votes on facebook, since shopping with friends is way more fun that doing it on my own!


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