Thursday, January 27, 2011

1-27-11 Fuel

Confession time: I laid in bed at 4:40 this morning when the alarm went off and hit snooze. And then hit snooze again. And then reset the alarm. I did my stretches and thought, good enough, back to the gym tomorrow.

And then, as the kids were leaving for school, I looked around at the laundry to fold and the bed to make and the kitchen dishes to put away . . . and I grabbed the dogs' leashes and we hit the trail. (This is not unlike the way my house used to always get the most clean right when I had 125 essays to grade.)

The dogs look a little put out here because we aren't walking but I was delighted at the way the trail lit up all golden as we turned the corner, just waiting for us to get into that sunshine.

So there is still laundry to fold and dishes to put away (the bed is made, woo-hoo!). . . but this was exactly what I needed this morning.

Between the sunshine and these faces, I am fueled for the day.


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