Monday, January 10, 2011

1-10-11 Snow Day


It is truly rare that Douglas County calls a snow day for the schools. Most of the time, with enough snow, we get a delayed start whereby the kids have to start school two hours late to give the buses time to make their routes and the parents who work outside the home are stuck figuring how to not send their kids tromping through giant snow drifts if their boss refuses to allow them to come in late. Luckily, not a problem we face, but I imagine it's a scenario played out across the district on those days in many homes.

The only snow days we've experienced in our nearly four years of living here is one particularly bad storm in which we delighted in three consecutive days off. To be fair, by day three, everyone was ready to go back. There is too much of a good thing.

So today is our second round. Honestly, judging by what I see out the window, we've had much worse and still had to get the kids to school. Maybe it was a case of the Mondays with whomever makes that call. When we checked at 5:30 this morning, all Douglas county schools were closed and we were glad we'd played through the scenarios with the kids. Nick's request: if a snow day, wake me up immediately so I can cancel my alarm and fall back asleep. Sam's: Not setting the alarm, so if no snow day, wake me, otherwise, let me sleep.

Sammi is already curled up on the couch playing Dragon Age. Nick has yet to be seen.

Bob, sadly, works for a place that doesn't seem to have "snow day" in its vocabulary, so he had to make the long trek to Golden this morning. The half hour commute on good days was an hour and a half this morning. And coming home will be the same. Boo.

So we'll have to play in the snow for him.

(I've discovered the best shoes for tromping around in the snow, provided they aren't on Bob's feet, are his army boots, with my socks and house slippers still on.)

This allows for maximum snow dog revelry without icy toes. After several romps since before light, Evan is crashed at my feet quite contented. And it's only 8:30. :)


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