Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5-24-11 Huguette Clark

The reclusive heiress has died at 104. Since her father was born in 1839 and was 67 when Huguette was born, the combined lifespan of this father and daughter comes to an end at an astonishing 172 years.

You must take in the photo essay here.

The last known photo of her was taken in 1930. She's probably been in the hospital for the past two decades, but prior to that was a recluse in her Fifth Ave/Park Ave "apartment" (the entire 8th floor of over 10,000 sq feet plus half of the 12th floor where her mother lived until she died in 1963). She hadn't been to her mansion in Santa Barbara since the 50s, bought a country house an hour from Manhattan, built on an entire wing, and never spent a single night there.

She leaves behind a fortune of $500,000,000, no immediate heirs, and one heck of a legal battle brewing over where the money is going to end up.


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