Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5-31-11 Historic Aerials

The areas available are really limited, but it turns out that Houston is one of the available geographic selections. This is pretty cool to play around with.

The area I would grow up in has nothing but pasture land in 1957 .

Below is my childhood home in 1964 (with the red asterisk on top) before trees or much of anything else. We wouldn't move there for another 8 years. These were the first homes built in all of Sagemont:

And in 2002, now in the shade of the beltway:

Interstate 45 when it was brand new, in 1957:

Where Almeda Mall would be built in 1968:

Sagemont Baptist Church as it appeared in 1973 with Stuchberry Elementary and Thompson Intermediate across the street:

And the massive complex it became by 2004

Dobie High School before it was built in 1964

In 1973, with Kirkdale at the very bottom, where I would have been living in our first house in the neighborhood, before moving to the Sageville home pictured above.

And then in 2002