Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-10-11 another milestone

New milestone -- went to try and add a picture to a new blog post last night and discovered I had finally filled up my free space (more than 5500 pictures). Time to pony up.

and now that I have room for thousands more pictures . . . 

as I was wandering through the blanket pictures, I came across this one that intrigued me. Sometimes the most nostalgic photos are the cast-offs where what you actually capture is a messy, unstructured moment that triggers all kinds of memories when it's found again.

There's no door on my closet because we'd taken it off and hung strings of green and gold beads, hippie-style, instead. But my clumsy self had gotten hung on enough of them that only about half of them were still up. There is the homemade Raggedy Ann doll in the floor of the closet that I'd gotten for Christmas a few years before. 

There's my Hot Wheels box, in plastic blue on the bottom of the yellow shelves, an open car model box with a forever half-finished Mustang, and on the floor in front of it, a plastic horse in the bottom of a box that was functioning as its stable. There's my blue viewmaster and my Weebles treehouse -- with my wooden red and white cow inside -- next to my globe. That music box on top is still in my guest room today. There's a little snoopy as the Red Baron near the clock. 

There's my bookshelf, still at Mom and Dad's house now, made by grandaddy Blaylock, and underneath the loft bed also built by him. There is the open (blue) jewelry box on top, the rest of the shelves stacked haphazardly with my individual hardback issues of the Charlie Brown Encyclopedia set that you bought each week at the grocery store, stacks of Highlights magazines, my black and gold series of Weekly Reader great children's books.

There I am, reorganizing the furniture in the homemade Barbie condo, completed with wrapping paper taped in the back for wallpaper. On the top, blocked by my head, is my bright, shiny blue pinwheel.

And then there's me, skirt askew, knee socks, and, of course, a blue shirt. Some things never change.


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