Saturday, November 26, 2011

11-26-11 Going home

Much love to Bob and Nell for another lovely Thanksgiving.

We headed out this morning in the high wind gusts of 60 mph. For hours it was us against the wind.... and the tumbleweeds. When the land is as flat as this:

 means there is nothing to stop the blowing of those Texas tumbleweeds into your car, over and over again. They seem to aim for you intentionally.

See them all, blown into the fencing? They're just waiting for the perfect moment to break free and attack.

Once we were in New Mexico, the tumbleweeds let up and we hit the snow blowing across the road instead.

And, finally, after hours, the first glimpse of the promised land comes into view:

Ok, well, at least my promised land. Sammi can't decide whether she wants to live in Oregon or New Mexico, Nick can't wait to return to Texas, and Bob would probably prefer to live in Dumas on the wind-swept plains, or maybe the back waters of a Louisiana swamp. But, at least for a little while longer, I get everyone here still, in the land I love. 


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