Saturday, November 19, 2011

11-19-11 decking the halls

I've got about 6 weeks of holiday cheer in me, so our tradition has always been to deck the halls the weekend before Thanksgiving each year. We'll wait on the actual tree trimming until Nick is with us again, but we did haul the boxes of decorations from the crawl space and sort through everything this morning.

Bruiser, in his first Christmas with us, had to inspect each box as it was opened (and sometimes before)

Took a break to enjoy the first grapefruit of the year: Pittman and Davis Ruby Red, delivered to the door from the Texas Valley, courtesy of Mom and Dad each holiday season. Mmmmmm. It's the only grapefruit that has the balance of sweet over sour in just the right amount. Of course, I'm weird and put salt on mine, not sugar. This stuff doesn't need to be any sweeter. 

And if they could figure out a way to bottle that juice, I'd be first in line.

Our Disney Christmas wall this year. The stockings hung in our resort ten years ago, when Nick was 9 and Samantha 7, and we stayed through Christmas. The hats on the coat rack are the ones we wear each visit. The Train Station, Casey's, and Castle on top of the piano are replicas of WDW. 

The downstairs little trees are in place:

One room down. Let the cheer commence.


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