Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11-1-11 Post Halloween Candy Roundup

Ah, the day after Halloween. Time to bring out Tom for the table, drop all the candy out of that purple pillow case of Sammi's and sort through the hoard to see how she fared this year. The pillowcase is because people don't give you little tootsie rolls anymore and within a block, you're out of room to beg in a costume without pockets.  

All in all, she and Kaelin did the right thing by cruising Kaelin's neighborhood. These folks aren't handing out too much non-chocolate filler. Only half a dozen suckers and four of those are at least hefty Tootsie Pop sized, one is a Jolly Rancher Watermelon which, for non-chocolate, is pretty spectacular. There are just three tiny boxes of Nerds and Dots. One package of pretzels. One gold pen. One teeny little pumpkin yo-yo. A candy Krabby Patty, three butterscotch (which I am appropriating) and a Thor themed Dig-n-Dip (what were they called when I was a kid? I forget now. You have this candy stick that, well,  sticks to the powdery flavored sugar that looks like Koolaid before you add the water....). Rounding out the "why isn't this chocolate" category is a single package of Sunkist gummies, two Starburst, a Sour Punch, a Twizzler, 3 Jolly Ranchers (one watermelon), 2 peppermints (??), 2 Life Savers (????), 3 small boxes of Lemon Heads, two glow sticks, one cinnamon red hot (mine), and ONE roll of sweetarts. That is a new record. We have NEVER only gotten a single roll of those lousy things. Of course, we did have more to get rid of, since that's what was left over from our own handouts :P Yes, I am an admitted candy hypocrite, but in my defense, we had all of five kids come to the door last year and we ate the rest of the Reeses in-house. I sent the last of the sweetarts to work with Bob this morning. College students will eat anything.

On a side note, it makes me sad that Bit-O-Honeys have gone the way of the do-do. If it wasn't chocolate, Bit-o-honey was the next best thing, as long as you didn't have braces to contend with.

Moving on . . 

In the Winning (Read: Chocolate) column:

Reese's definitely came in first as the candy of choice, with close seconds going to KitKats, and Snickers. Why no love for the Milky Way? She only scored four of those. (It's Sam's favorite.) Five packages of plain M&Ms -- I guess if you tried to make little packs of Peanut M&Ms you'd get all of four peanuts per pack. A couple of big spenders threw in full bars, and one was a Twix, which, oddly enough, was only one of two Twix in the whole batch. There are half a dozen Three Musketeers, Nestle Crunch, Butterfingers and Baby Ruths, and ONE little 100 Grand. The nuts are getting not getting enough love around here. Rounding out the mix is one package of Reeses Pieces, 5 pieces of Halloween wrapped chocolate, 3 Chocolate Eyeballs, 3 Peanut Chewies, 3 little boxes of Milk Duds, 3 plain Hersheys' mini-bars, a mini box of Junior Mints, one Snickers Peanut Butter Squared, one Snickers Almond, and one Special Dark Miniature. Those last four I've got my eye on. Not a single Mr. Goodbar in the mix. It's a travesty.

All in all, I'll rate this haul as an 7 out of 10 on the average Halloween Candy Haul scale. 


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