Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11-9-11 my love affair with blankets

I had a seriously hard time getting out of bed this morning. We keep the heater down around 60° which makes snuggling under the blankets all the more toasty first thing in the morning.

As my going-away present at Blinn, I was presented with a king-sized goose down comforter (thank you Lynne!):

And before our first winter here, Mom and Dad got us a king-sized Pendleton wool blanket. 

Both are atop the bed from October through April. 

And these are the just currently adored blankets. 

The first, though, is still the most beloved.

 I can't be sure, but that may be it hanging on the edge of my crib here.

By the time I was two, we were inseparable. It was a pristine waffle weave in white with satin border.

And, with my penchant for sleeping on the floor, it was my constant companion.

Even under bigger blankets, there it is, tucked right up next to me.

Note, too, the tiny baby pillow that was part and parcel of my Linus complex. It stayed between me and any other pillow:

I guess it was somewhere around mid elementary school that the poor thing had turned to tatters, only the satin border holding together. It, along with my little baby pillow, still went everywhere I did. You can see the pillow up in my cozy corner of the van and underneath, no doubt, was my tattered blanket.

It was right about here, at this age, that my blanket mysteriously disappeared. I remember rousing after drifting off and realizing it wasn't in my bed. I stumbled down the loft stairs to try and find it, but it never surfaced. (To this day I think Mom had finally had enough of the disgusting thing and disposed of it.)

But, I still have that pillow. Sammi latched on to it in her baby days and it's now stowed away, along with her baby blanket in a safe place.

Because happiness is a warm blanket.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Sweet memories of a blankie I had as a little girl. Mine became tattered and torn, too.
    I also love snuggling under piles of blankets and comforters. Mmmmm....lovely!

  2. My firstborn daughter had a blanket like that. It was hard to get it away from her long enough to wash it!

  3. blankets, what a warm take.


  4. Have to admit, I LOVE blankets too:)

  5. Sweet pictures! funny the way blankets can be so important....

  6. I love blankets, too. So cozy!


    PS. I'll bet your mom was the culprit, too. ;)

  7. My son has two favorites. He needs them in bed every night.

  8. The only good thing about winter is my collection of extra soft and fluffy blankets! I even have a couple in our den, so I can snuggle down to watch t.v. or read.

  9. my second son was my only child who attached himself to a blanket. He had a white waffle weave with satin trim just like yours. I had got two of them so they could stay cleaned. He had them until he was 13 and we moved and they were left behind. I wish I would have saved them

  10. This is a acceptable absolute to accouter a babyish and accord her a faculty of aegis if putting her down for a nap.


  11. Both my children had special blankies and now my grandsons do, as well.

  12. haha. my hubby still loves his blankies...seems he has one in every room!

    I missed the posting deadline for Alphabe-Thursday this week...feel free to stop by, tho... :)

  13. Oh wow. I can totally relate to this post!

    I love my blankets, too!

    I make a corduroy raggy quilt that is absolutely velvetty and cuddly.

    I can hardly wait for cool weather so I can get them out and start using them.

    Love all your beautiful pictures.

    Thank you for the smile.


  14. nice idea, thanks for sharing...