Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11-2-11 Snow, redux

Just before 7:00 this morning when I finally drug  my carcass out from under the oh-so-warm flannel sheets, down comforter, and Pendleton wool blanket, this was the view from the bedroom window.

Once I bundled up, we got outside to check things out. This is the drift up against the back door.

 The blizzard conditions are primarily about high winds, bug drifts, and limited visibility. This week's snow is much lighter a fluffier, but that contributes to the blizzard issue. Sammi's school was cancelled, which she bounded up two sets of stairs to tell me (although I already knew) and then went straight back to bed. Bob, on the other hand, took two hours to get to work.

Evan isn't happy unless he's torn up every patch of unbroken snow in the backyard.

And it's still snowing.

Thank God for slate floors. We make a mess coming inside on a day like today.

Evan's coat is amazing. He loves the snow and was practically burrowing under it. And yet, back inside, there's almost nothing to dry.

By 8:00 we started to see the lighter sky. It's supposed to actually be sunny this afternoon. ;) I love Colorado!


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