Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11-29-11 Coffee Corner

I am nearing perfection of the coffee corner. Thanks to Dad, I now have a restaurant-quality warmer  upstairs and have taken to making a small batch for Bob unflavored that he can take to work, and then whipping up a pot for me after he's headed out that is spiced with cinnamon to sip on as I work all morning. This means I can use my wonderful Victor mugs without having a constant return to the kitchen, since they only hold about 4 ounces at a time. Like the enlarging waistlines of our era, coffee mugs have expanded over the years as well.

My only drawback now is the creamer, which is, of course, an absolute necessity. Taken out of the shot for its ugliness is the cold pack that the little creamer pitcher sits on. It's the gel pack sent home with the wisdom tooth surgery that stays cold out of the freezer for hours and is still soft, the better to squash your pitcher into, which works great but is terribly ugly. I need a tiny little "cooler plate" to match the big warmer plate and I'd be set, both coffee-ly and photogenically.


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