Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11-23-11 Bruiser goes to Texas

We made it on the road at 7:30, Sammi and I carting Bruiser and Evan, Bob, Nick, and Katy in the Jeep.

Bru did not find the cat carrier an acceptable form of travel. The caterwauling commenced in earnest.

The skies were gorgeous the whole way. Sammi took this one of Pike's Peak.

And then Sam relented and let Bruiser out. His first order of business was to get into the floorboard and squash the crap out of the Krispy Kremes.

He also helped navigate, all the while keeping up the caterwauling, although after about 2 hours,  he finally decided it wasn't getting him anywhere and spend the next four hours riding along quietly.

Stopped for gas in Trinidad before hitting Raton Pass and New Mexico.

The basic directions from one Mask house to the other is this: drive south and turn left in Raton. After that left turn, it's one loooooonnnnggggggg stretch through the upper right corner of New Mexico. Sammi took the wheel and I snapped pictures.

Arrival to Dumas: 2:00 Colorado time (so I'll be an hour behind the rest of this week). Nap time: 2:30-4:00. :) Let Thanksgiving begin.


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