Saturday, November 26, 2011

11-25-11 Amarillo (aka Whataburger and the Cadillac Ranch)

No trip to Texas is complete without the 45 mile journey to Amarillo for Whataburger. It's the only time this year I get one, although Nick's more frequent trips to Texas keep from being quite as deprived.

After lunch, despite the rain and wind, everyone humored me with a trip to the Cadillac Ranch.

Bob Sr. booked it back to the car right after this picture. 

Bob and Nick took up some of the abandoned paint cans and left their own marks. Note the stance is an attempt to avoid the paint fly back from the high winds.

And, just because it seemed a most unusual place, here is Nick's Cadillac Tebow.

Long live Frankie and Linda.


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