Monday, October 31, 2011


Before this new career Halloween wasn't on the dreaded "end of month" because there wasn't any end of month in my vocabulary.

So I laid in the supplies (and worked yesterday) to stay up on the rush. Of utmost importance: coffee. But thanks to my wonderful thick diner mug, which only holds a small cup of coffee, I wanted to avoid having to go up and down the stairs over and over again for refills. While our coffee maker is in this handy carafe, it doesn't stay hot enough. Must be HOT. So, behold, my solution: 

Turn the heating pad on high and voila! Hot coffee all morning! The creamer I sat on a freezer bag, which worked a little too well at first refill. The creamer was freezing.

Bruiser tried to curl up around the coffee/heating pad, and then in my lap, and finally gave up and chose my jacket which I'd shed after the third cup of HOT coffee. This is him pouting.

So other than work there was, of course, Halloween. 

Sammi, 4'10, has decided she can milk this until she's 40. This year she's dressed as the goddess of time (complete with Hermione's time turner necklace), although we continue to haggle over which one... Shiva, Wenut,  Ling-Pao T'ien-Tsun, Xiuhtecuhtli . . . we weren't particularly picky over gender in our haggling. It also helped that we didn't have to pronounce it...

Bob manned the door for our trick-or-treaters, and this year we actually had a pretty good turnout -- about 20 doorbell rings tonight. 

All the while, I finished out work. 

Happy Hallo-EOM-ween!


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