Sunday, October 9, 2011

10-9-11 Nuevo Laredo

A dozen years ago this week Marci and I were in Mexico, posing with animal furniture.

Details of the trip are sketchy in my memory. In a large group of family and friends' of Marci's aunts (I think) we drove down overnight, got off the bus and spent the day shopping. Why this sounded like something I could do, I can't say. As a light sleeper my whole adult life, there was no way I was going to be coherent walking the streets of Mexico all day after basically staying up all night listening to the sounds of the bus driving in the dark. Seeing these pictures again after so many years . . .  why I am wearing a pink toy whistle? My main memories are kids selling chicklet gum on every street corner, lunch a a mexican restaurant, and a really long bus ride where ladies with a lot more money than I had went shopping and filled up the bottom of the bus with dining sets and other giant things.  No one bought the lion coffee table, however, which was a real shame.


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