Thursday, October 13, 2011

10-13-11 Post 600

Hmmm.... post 500 came on the day before we left for our camping trip at the end of July. My New Year's goal to have a blog post a day hasn't always gone as planned, but in terms of the goal to have 365 posts in 2011? I'm already at 417.

That's my excuse for not posting yesterday . . .  that and working until 10:00 last night.

Oh, that and going to the dentist yesterday morning. No one should have to blog on dentist day.

After the cleaning, I'd set up the appointment to get the lower right side silver molar fillings replaced with new (white) fillings since after 30 years the silver was pulling away from the teeth and could cause damage underneath. When they had to call and reschedule and push it back a few weeks, I was more than happy to oblige. But then, I didn't write it down where I would see it. So Tuesday night, playing the day's voicemails, there was the confirmation call for Wed. morning to remind me. This worked better, since I only had about 12 hours of pure dread to deal with, rather than days and days.

Ta-da! The silver always looked like cavities to me, so this is much nicer. If only it were achievable without the needles and crunchy sound torture. The other side had to be done a couple of years ago. That leaves both upper sides, which don't get as much wear and may last a bit longer before they start pulling away. After half a day of numb face, it felt only vaguely like I'd been punched in the jaw the rest of the day. I had coffee, soup, no sensitivity. This morning, however, both the lower and upper right side of my tooth nerves are ON FIRE. Not enjoying the coffee quite so much today.

Apart from dental torture and working like a maniac, post 600 has to include  . . .  the full moon. :)

 Wednesday Morning

 Bruiser in the window

 This morning's view

Oh, and post 600 should most definitely include my dogs . . .

 Just look at that beatific face :)

The new goal? 700 by the end of the year. Go 7s ;)


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