Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10-25-11 The Adopted Family

Lynne and I were attending a conference at Baylor, sometime in 2005, and while we were driving around Waco we happened across a massive "garage sale" that was a fundraiser for something . .  Habitat for Humanity, maybe? It was huge -- filled up a very large empty retail space, about the size of a Hobby Lobby. Lost among the tables was this picture of a very somber and forlorn group of five, brothers and sisters, posed about a low table draped with a blanket-looking tablecloth, in front of the lowest little chaise lounge I've seen. The paper spread out among them, with not a soul looking at it, is what made me have to adopt this little lost bunch and take them home. The boys' bows, the oldest girl's pearls, the little ones' white dresses, I wish I knew where they came from and who might have abandoned them. The oldest boy -- is he on his knees? The proportions are off otherwise. I love the mystery about them. They've adorned my desk at Blinn and again here at my little corner office at home. If only I could read the paper on their table and know what time they came to me from. 


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