Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10-5-11 ladybugs, sunrises, choir concerts . . . a typical day in the life

Picture round up from the past day or so . . . 

My ladybug visitor at my desk window yesterday.

 sunrise this morning: the pink was still hanging on further north

but completely gone to the south, in the 2 minutes it took me to see it from downstairs, get the camera, and get to the upstairs window. Poof, no more pink. Blue and white ain't bad, though.

Last night was Sammi's first choir concert of the year, this time in the top women's choir:

 first row, third from right

The song above, Sammi's favorite, was "Dear John" which someone has set to music from an English exercise I've used in the classroom years ago. Identical words, only the punctuation is different to alter it from a love letter to a dear john letter. My students got two versions without punctuation and had to figure it out themselves. I didn't get a recording of them singing it, but here's the song, without the arm gestures.

I'd share them singing my favorite of the night, Sara Teasdale's poem "I Am Not Yours" set to music, which I did actually record, but alas, stupid Blogger has a 100MB limit for video upload. 

same arrangement, similiar sized choir


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