Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10-19-11 50 Things I Like About Me

Taking a page from the "half-full glass" side of the class, I decided to give myself a boost and try my hand at the "Things I Like About Me" list. Honestly, I think I'd prefer someone else to send me a list of the 50 things they like about me that I could just copy and paste, but that's probably not quite the purpose of this exercise. 

I decided not to let my list auto number so I wouldn't be tempted to go back and re-order things or pair things together if they didn't occur to me originally in that order. I wanted to see the list as one of those random-but-not, deeply organic things once I was done.

I chose 50 because 25 seemed too easy and I wanted to push myself to think about me positively past the first few minutes. It didn't take too long to realize 25 wasn't that easy, especially when you don't fall back on "I have awesome friends" and things that really aren't about you. 

I will say this exercise brought to light how many negative ideas I have about myself, since for every one positive I could come up for the list, I easily thought of two more things that needed to be on "Things I Dislike About Me." But we'll just keep that list to ourselves, shall we? ;)

50 Things I Like About Me

1. I have a wickedly dry and sarcastic sense of humor.

2. I take photographs. Of EVERYthing.

3. I make friends with animals, almost all of them, easily.

4. I have a relatively sharp mind and can pick up on many things pretty quickly.

5. I have curves in (mostly) the right places.

6. I have a pretty nice smile.

7. I have a great relationship with both of my kids, even as teenagers. This probably says more about how awesome they are than about myself, but I'm counting it.

8. I have odd but harmless aversions: no lipstick, no sunglasses, no fluorescent lights, no non-dairy creamer.

9. I am comfortable being alone, as I entertain myself easily.

10. I am a self-taught typist (80 WPM without errors) and can appear to be a concert pianist at the keyboard.

11. Curiosity is my passion. I love learning new things.

12. I was an English teacher for 14 years and I haz mad research skillz. (See #1)

13. I love (and overuse) parenthesis. I also love e.e. cummings and William Faulker. This is no coincidence.

14. I can trust my intuition.

15. I laugh many times in a day and I almost never cry.

16. I have a keen memory, sort of the compliment and opposite of #4. I seem to be able to remember things from the past more sharply than most, and have delighted a few people with the details of things they had forgotten.

17. I catch spiders and release them. I also love watching the horrified faces of coworkers while doing this.

18. I am casual and easygoing. My favorite outfit is jeans and flannel.

19. I have odd but harmless obsessions, like the thickness of my coffee mugs and chunky peanut butter and the position of the moon.

20. I am a good cook.

21. I am clumsy and still confident.

22. I am fascinated by things most people consider morbid.

23. I am a modestly good singer.

24. I see meaning and beauty in the world far more than I see the chaos and ugliness.

25. I am trusted to be the listening and secret-keeping friend.

26. My faith isn't tied to my mood, or some else's dogma, or fear.

27. I am a good story-teller.

28. I am usually good in a real crisis -- no fuss, no muss kind of take-charge thing. I make no promises in the zombie apocalypse, however.

29. I am more interested in being healthy than being thin.

30. I am not fragile.

31. I am outgoing and friendly and smile at everyone. Life is too short to frown.

32. I make a heck of a snickerdoodle.

33. I can arch my eyebrows separately into fabulous shapes when I'm looking at you like you're crazy.

34. My eyes twinkle when I smile.

35. I squirrel away trinkets like leaves and rocks and cartoon clippings as if they were treasure.

36. I am a morning lark who likes to watch the sun rise. Sunsets are nice, too, but then I'm ready for bed.

37. I like that I almost launched into an explanation of why morning "lark" is actually a misnomer and why other birds would probably be much more aptly named as early risers.

38. I like my handwriting. I wish I used it more often.

39. I don't get angry often and when I do, it blows over quickly.

40. I am an idealist.

41. I am a good problem solver.

42. I love organization but I also love change. I'd move the furniture around monthly if given the chance.

43. I am a proud thrift store queen. Every time I go to buy something new, I have to put it back and check around Goodwill first.

44. I consistently getting better at finding the balance between making other people happy (which is always important to me) and not losing myself in the process.

45. I don't play games. WYSIWYG -- although there are always more depths to discover.

46. I am usually pretty intense and I like that this helps me figure out who my true friends are.

47. I am tenacious.

48. I am a focused multi-tasker.

49. I am a voracious reader.

50. I am a writer.


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