Saturday, October 22, 2011

10*22*11 Fall Saturday

The yard is starting to quickly fill up with leaves. Katy brings back about five in her mouth every time she fetches the balls.

Bob carved the pumpkins this morning. First pumpkin was my chosen design, with Snoopy, mistaken by Linus as the Great Pumpkin, rising from his most sincere pumpkin patch against the full moon.

I entertained the dogs while Bob worked on his own design. 


And this afternoon we all trucked to the zoo so Sammi could work and we could wander.

Sammi has lost count of the number of times people would walk up and make some lame joke about the human exhibit.

Nick has a new fan.

We also did more bird areas this time. These two were quite the pair.

 And outside, the penguins were wondering why their pool is full of these golden things.

Note the three penguins on the right nearest the water. The center penguin is picking up wet leaves and sticking them on the back of his buddy.

I caught him in the act here:

The seals and sea lions were basking in the warm sun this afternoon today, too.


Nick strikes a pose in the bat cave.

Very cool tropical fish whose name I don't remember:

And, with the call that Sammi was done, on the way out I got to see my big boy, who wasn't actually sleeping this time.


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