Sunday, October 2, 2011

10-2-11 the boy returns

Last night, I just got to terribly missing Nick. We called him on speakerphone. He'd spent the day catching up on sleep, studying, grocery shopping. But he sounded lonely. It didn't take much (the promise of a tank of gas) to get him to come home. And so, by 9:00 last night, I had the Fantastic Four together again, for a little less than a day.

Krispy Screams for breakfast (and the rest went back with him).

Our visit to Target was complete with the annual raiding of the Halloween section. Nick the Gorilla with Bob and Banana.

I'd have preferred to model the giant cookie monster outfit, but alas, they had it all packaged up beyond all reason.

Bob, however, found a total free ranging chicken costume to wear.

Sammi in one of the boys outfits. They don't quite make them curvy, especially when you're wearing jeans underneath, but she pulled it off.

Of course, our silliness isn't confined to the Halloween section. Here we are over in toys. . .

We also pulled out the Fall boxes. These are primarily all the cold weather clothes that we don't pack away until May and then turn around and unpack in October. But there is also a box of Halloween stuff. Frank became Bruiser's new best friend, at least until we make him dance to Monster Mash, like he has been doing since the kids were born.

Tonight we returned to the Denver Zoo, this time with Sam's friend Lauren who is also going to do the Explorers program. We got to walk behind the scenes and see the Commissary where all the animals meals are prepared and the spot where they will be grouping up for their tasks. First up will be work on the primate's area, next Saturday at 1:30. Bring on the manual labor!

On the way out, we pass by the lion enclosure. It would appear the lions wait until the zoo is closed in the dusk to run around the play. These two girls were wrestling as we walked up.

Back home, my little ghost looks like a puff of smoke coming out of the cauldron. The teacups are now sporting a skull and a raven. Welcome to October!


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