Saturday, October 8, 2011

10-8-11 3 day photo round-up

Emptied the camera out this morning for our trip to the zoo this afternoon while Sammi does her first job in the primate's enclosure and found these:

Thursday morning's pink sky . . . 

Yesterday's trip to the DMV for Sammi's permit test . . .  anxiously awaiting the results . . . 

Woo-hoo! 100% on the test and permit enabled!

Cuddling with Evan last night 

And waking up this morning to THIS:

The powdered sugar frosting on the grass is a wonderful first snow -- gentle and easy, like being woken up with a back rub instead of the blasted alarm clock. It'll be gone by this afternoon. 

The high today, however, is only around 40° so those zoo pictures will be of a decidedly different character than the last trip! Bring on the boots and hoodies!


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