Monday, February 14, 2011

2-14-11 Valentines Past

Remember the valentine boxes you made for your classroom Valentine's party every year?

Ah, tin foil and stickers, the mark of a good box. The best stickers were at Hallmark, but you got a bigger variety of choices for the cards from the grocery store.

This was back when they came in that plastic-y, red cellophane over a thin open faced box, so the cards shook around and you could make them out through the clean plastic "window" in the front.

And most of the valentines were not licensed, just cartoon animals and bad puns. The names of everyone in the class were always sent home with the clear instructions that NO ONE was to be left out. We all brought our boxes of valentines carefully stuffed into each itty-bitty very thin envelope, and filled them dutifully by walking around from desk to desk, sliding them into the slots.

And you couldn't wait to break open each little envelope and see which valentine each person had chosen for you.

Of course, in later elementary school, each choice was loaded with implications. Did it say something about how secretly awesome they thought you were?

Or was it clearly the "don't chase me on the playground"?
And, of course, out of whatever set you got, there was always one you didn't want to give to anyone because of the endless teasing you would inevitably get.

In this group, the "How about a kiss, Valentine?" would be the extra left in the box, I guarantee you.

Mom would always get some lacy giant red box of chocolate with box and squashed roses . . .

but she didn't have a box wrapped in tin foil with snoopy stickers on it at the end of the day!



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