Thursday, February 3, 2011

2-3-11 DirecTV

It's snowing again, been going since lunchtime, but it's a balmy 25° today after two straight sub-zero days, so we're making progress.

Or, so we thought . . . at least until we tried to turn the television on last night.

We were greeted with a big blank screen and the code 771A, "problem communicating with the satellite." Check the bedroom, same error. Check Sammi's room, same error. Nick's room in the basement was the only television working at all and it was having communication trouble too.

So Bob gets on the phone for more than an hour to DirecTV technical support, gets hung up on twice by two different people who can't do more than read from a script, and is finally told, "you will need a service call, the next available is Feb. 12."

Wait. . . what???

Yes, 10 days from now is the earliest DirecTV claims they can possibly get a technician to come to our house. Because, you know, we're so far from anywhere, being in the wild west of Denver, a metropolitan area of only 2.7 million people. . .


Bob insisted on talking to a supervisor, who apologized, and said she could do absolutely nothing about it.

During this time, I've been online researching and it would seem there is a known problem with a certain manufacturer of their equipment in sub-zero temperature.

Jan 24, 2011 at 3:27:58 PM | #5

There was in fact a problem with a particular batch of WNC-made SWiM LNBs There's a Tech Bulletin regarding this from January of 2009 that the technicians should have access to. At the time DirecTV made an effort to replace them all, but there could be a few still out there. If you can do so safely you might want to verify whether or not your LNB was made by WNC. In addition to a mfrs label, I believe the offending LNBs had opaque white plastic covers on the feed horns. Eagle Aspen/Pro-Brand LNBs with clear/translucent covers were not affected.

Now, just a guess, but since we haven't had sub-zeros in a long time (before 2009), but I'm kind of just guessing we're some of the "few still out there."

So we've got a known problem, in a large metro area, and the quickest they can send someone to swap out a part that will likely take five minutes is 10 days from now?

Bad form, DirecTV.

That's nearly half a month of a service you aren't providing.

And, of course, there's this little game coming on Sunday.

I found the Office of the President email and Bob spent quite a while after the call ended (with nothing but a four hour window two weeks from now for a tech to show) typing away.

We noticed after the call they had credited our account about 1/3 of a month's pay.

Today, someone from the Office of the President called Bob and now they can have someone out to the house tomorrow between 12-4.

it's a Superbowl MIRACLE!

But for now, it's movie night.


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