Sunday, February 6, 2011

2-6-11 Superbowl Sunday Snow

So when we pulled in at 5:00 last night, I snapped a picture of Nick's Jack Antenna ball, and again when we got up this morning. Unfortunately, I think he peaked too early.

Bob took a break from shoveling between the driveway and the sidewalks to enjoy the powder. The nice thing is it's all powder, so it's almost sweepable.

This would be the sun.

Just guesstimating, but it looks like we got almost half a foot overnight.

And after the front work, it was time to play in the back.

Note that Evan is most definitely a snow dog, because he loves prancing through the drifts, tearing up every patch of untouched powder.

After a while, their fur gets built up with little snow pills all over their lower half.

And Katy's face gets pretty bad because she keeps rooting through trying to find a ball buried deep beneath.

Evan, on the other hand, never looks for the ball. He just grabs a mouthful of snow and eats it.

So, to recap: non-worker:


So we're hunkering in, blowing the diet for one night, and enjoying the big game for the evening.
Prediction: gold pants win.


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