Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2-9-11 Meteorologists

Ok, there is absolutely nothing that can make you feel older than letting a group of 15 year old girls raid your closet for, well, old people clothes.

Sammi's science group was over after school for a second time this week having finalized their script and preparing for filming their Peruvian weather report on El Niño.

The "expert" needed to look a little more professional, so into the back of the closet we went, pulling out turtleneck sweaters and blazers (with shoulder pads), which elicited all kinds of giggles and remarks about how their moms had these too (because we're all old). I found myself attempting to explain what the attraction was for broader shoulders . . . because it made the waist and hips appear smaller. It also makes you look like a linebacker, but still. . .

Yeah, they weren't buying it either.

But I cannot wait until they get to explain to their daughters the appeal of low waisted jeans with muffin tops and all that fantastic stuff at Hot Topic.


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