Sunday, February 20, 2011

2-20-11 Nicholas Year 1 Highlights

When we were expecting Nicholas, our biggest investment was a video camera. They were insanely expensive at the time, at least to us, at the ripe old ages of 22 and 25, with me still in grad school and Bob working as a prison guard. And I'd still say spending all that money was one of the wisest things we ever did. This was one of those large, shoulder-held things that the videocassette went directly into. So for years, we just had rows of tapes. Then, Mom and Dad gave us a DVD recorder one Christmas, and we painstakingly played all the baby tapes back and saved them to DVD format.

Recently, Bob has been making highlight reels for Nick and some of his friends, so he invested in software that converts all types of file formats, including the DVDs we'd made years ago. So now they've been converted to manipulable files for the computer.

Instead of subject everyone to hours of home movies, I'm working on highlight reels myself :)

So in five minutes you can enjoy five months of Nick from birth. I love that we have a good bit of film from his first week or two, and then almost nothing for two months. I would hazard a guess that that would be about the time colic struck and we walked around sleep deprived and as cranky as the baby until he started sleeping nights. . .

The jumpee thing was Nicholas' favorite spot. . . until he found more movement in the walker, and then there was no going back. Here he is at 6-9 Months Old:

And then 9-12 months, although I can't seem to cut things to get them under the ridiculously measly 100 Mb limit for Blogger. . . grrrr.


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