Thursday, February 24, 2011

2-24-11 1995

Ah, 1995. Nicholas' second birthday brought the big playhouse and, even better, the giant box to play in. I promise I didn't teach him to wear baseball caps sideways and with the tags still on years before it was in style.

At Easter, he was just as happy to crawl through the dog door over and over as to hunt for Easter eggs at Aunt Dot's house with his cousins. And the big hit was the marshmallow peeps.

Sammi joins the family in September, and all of a sudden it's Christmas again, where the Batman big wheel was left by Santa and we had the foresight to buy Woody and Buzz from Toys- R-Us the same weekend Nicholas had sat stock-still for the first time in life when watching Toy Story at the theater (his first theater experience too.). Everything sold out a week later, but we were set. As he realizes he is not only the proud new owner of Woody, but also Buzz, at which point he looks up lovingly at the Santa tree-topper and calls out "Thank you Santa Claus!" (And yea me, I managed to not point out Santa hadn't actually brought these prizes.)


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