Monday, February 14, 2011

2-14-11 Valentines Past-Present

I am not exactly a hopeless romantic. I like a good romantic comedy as much as the next girl, I guess, but my favorite part of An Affair to Remember is doing the recap from Sleepless in Seattle that ends with the guys mocking her by crying over The Dirty Dozen.

Maybe this explains why I don't have very many Valentine pictures. In most albums, we have pages and pages of Christmas pictures . . . Nick's birthday . . . and then bluebonnets and easter.

So while it's not exactly a complete retrospective, here's what I've got:

1991, Bob and my first Valentines was spent apart while he was at Fort Knox.

And from there, we have to skip 7 years to find the next mention of Valentines. Wow, I don't think it hit me until now how little observance I've given this holiday. And these are only because Nell took them at the daycare.

A year later, when Samantha came to visit Muna's class for the Valentine party, she was delighted to get a Valentine from Drew, and older "man" and her first crush.

Maybe a year later? Clearly she took Blues Clues valentines to daycare this year.

Still depending on day care pictures for all of these.

Ok, I actually took this one. I was a class mom for Nick's fourth grade Valentines party. Nick is showing off his penned-in tattoo of Texas A&M.

Same year, (same day) 2003. Camera must've still been sitting out.

This would have to be a couple of years later, 2005, when Sammi was out of gymnastics and playing soccer. (See the bandaid on the elbow? She wasn't messing around on the field.)

And then . . . good grief, I have to skip all the way to 2008 to find another V-Day picture. I am going to have my chick license revoked.

And then, miraculously, it's only another two years before I have another one. Maybe I should just get chick probation at this point.

Two in one year, even! (To show off the Wonder Woman attire that went with the bear. . . )

If I manage to snap a few tonight we'll have a streak going, two years in a row!


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