Saturday, February 26, 2011

2-26-11 trading places

There's a current meme on Facebook with 30 days of selecting a photo to match the day's question. I'm too lazy to do them all, but there are a few I think are kind of cool to see people's answers to. . .

Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

Howard Carter, November 29, 1921. It's really a toss up between the 29th and the 21st. On the 21st Howard knew what he had found, had spent years looking for, and, almost out of money, finally discovered the tomb of King Tut. He'd uncovered the steps to the tomb on the 4th and on the 21st he first entered the antechamber. Eight days later, I can't imagine the excitement of breaking through to the burial chamber itself (pictured above) where the walls were covered in hieroglyphics and everything shined gold in the lamp light, the first light cast upon these objects in 3000 years.


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