Saturday, February 11, 2012

2-11-12 Snowy Springs Saturday

We brought the snow with us to the Springs.

The ice fog rolled in ahead of the snow, which causes some fantastic results on the trees and grass.  Every pine needle and blade of glass gets coated in ice and then covered in powdered snow.

Evan wants to stay out in it all the time. Seeing that it's about 6°, that's not happening.

So after a very short time in the snow, we snuggle in the front of the fire for a good part of the morning. 
Snuggle pictures however result in a of backsides, and trying to get them both turned around to look at the camera is a challenge.

Dad made WAFFLES for breakfast.

The snow that was supposed to stop by 10:00 this morning is still going at this writing, at 7:30 in the evening. Gotta love the Colorado weather guys.

We ventured downtown for a bit before lunch.

And Mom and Dad are now the proud new owners of a new tent for our summer camping adventures.

The tree outside of Sportsman's Warehouse was very cool:

Back at the house I tried to get a picture of how every blade of grass is its own little icicle. 

My find of the day: Toast bandages. How have I gone my entire life without Toast band-aids?!? And they come in this cool toast tin with what was advertised as a "free toy!" inside. The free toy  is in the picture but you can't see him very well. It's a man in a grey suit holding a cup of coffee. Wow. I love randomness.

 After a fantastic late afternoon nap, Mom and I made the long awaited M&M cookies. I found the recipe on Pinterest here. I mixed in dark chocolate and peanut butter M&Ms. Let me just say, YUM!!!

Meanwhile, Katy kept the fire company.

Bob, who is on his cut-diet until next week when he goes to his Con, didn't plan on M&M Valentine cookies as temptation.


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