Saturday, February 4, 2012

2-4-12 frankenfinger's final bow

A Frankenfinger retrospective, even though he was only with me for a week

1/26 Frankfinger is born. I don't manage any pictures, but I do manage to not pass out and throw in an Elf reference at the same time. "My finger has a heart beat."

1/27 pre-stitched and gaping

1/27, stitched and under wraps: 

1/28, the big reveal:

1/31 post-swelling

2/4 post-stitch removal

I pulled the stitches out myself last night and let me just say, that was freaky. You can still see the piece I didn't get out from underneath there on the right, but it feels about a thousand times better.

Back when he was becoming Frankenfinger and doc was getting ready to sew him back together, I managed a pretty good Señor Wences imitation that made him laugh, since it looked for all the world like a mouth.

Still needs some eyes, though. And Mom suggested eyebrows, but I'm not sure I have the room...


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